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Establishment and development

  1. In 1960, to prevent and treat livestock and poultry diseases and to strengthen animal health in counties, the Forestry Department of Taiwan Provincial Government renamed "City and County Animal Epidemic Prevention Teams" as "Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center."
  2. On June 19th , 1963, Taiwan Provincial Government promulgated the “Livestock Disease Control Regulations Guidelines of Cities and Counties in Taiwan.” Tainan City established the Tainan Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center and appointed relevant staffs.
  3. On January 29th , 2000, Tainan City changed the name of the Office to “Tainan Animal Epidemic Prevention and Protection Office,” under which there are Livestock Epidemic Prevention Division, Animal Medical Treatment Division and Pet Management Division.
  4. On December 25th , 2010, in response to the merge of Tainan City and Tainan County, the two offices were merged under the name of Tainan City Animal Health Inspection and Protection Office, structured with Livestock Health Division, Poultry Health Division, Aquatic Animals Inspection Division, Animal & Public Health Division, Animal Shelter Division, and Animal Protection Division.

Legal bases

  1. Prevention and Control of Infectious Animal Disease and Relevant Enforcement Rules (On May 29th , 2002, amended and promulgated according to the Executive Order presidential decree).
  2. Veterinary Act and its Enforcement Rules (On January 30th , 2002, amended promulgated according to the Executive Order).
  3. Veterinary Drugs Control Act and Relevant Enforcement Rules ( On June 19th , amended and promulgated according to the Executive Order).
  4. Animal Protection Act and its and Relevant Enforcement Rules (On December 21st , 2002, amended and promulgated according to the Executive Order.).