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I. Pet registration:

  1. Owner needs to be over 20 years old. Bring your pet and ID for pet registration.
  2. Registration fee: Tainan City has been providing subsidy for vaccination: NT$ 350 for non-neutered pets and NT$250 for neutered pet.

II. Lost pet:

  1. Please visit the website(Pet Registration Information System)and key in your ID and microchip number to report lost pet.
  2. If your lost pet is found, please go to the website Pet Registration Information System)and cancel your lost pet report.

III. Deceased animals:

Bring the registration certificate to the closest Pet Registration Station, so we can record the death.

IV. Penalties:

According to Article 19 and Article 31 of the Animal Protection Act, pet dogs over 4 months old should get microchip implanted and complete the registration. If one refuses to abide, a fine of NT$ 3,000 to 15,000 dollars will be imposed. The fine can be imposed repeatedly if no improvement is made.