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Prevent, inspect, and eliminate spread of the spread of active infectious disease to Taiwan
According to the classification of animal diseases, there are 16 Class A infectious diseases that we need to prevent and inspect. For example, FMD outbreak in March 1997 caused many deaths of pigs all over Taiwan and pork meat export was banned . Taiwan, thus, suffered a great loss. FMD and swine fever are expected to eradicate once and for all.


Enforce inspections on livestock products
Food safety of animal origin, such as dairy, meat, and eggs, is a critical issue that must be managed throughout the food chain. The enforcement of hygiene requirements of animal products and inspection for drug residues is needed to ensure the quality of animal products and to protect the health of consumers.


Execute the animal protection laws
Pet registration, stray dog shelter, rabies prevention, and microchip implantation have positive influence on animal health inspection, especially, for the prevention of zoonosis such as rabies. Setting up stray dog shelter restrains the reproduction of stray dogs and provides opportunities for them to be adopted and loved.


Monitor and inspect the zoonosis
Zoonosis will be the focus of veterinary business in the future. We should seek preventive measures to detect the diseases in order to ensure the health and safety of both people and animals.