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  1. Dogs and cats that are found stray on the street or abandoned by the owners can be sent to Tainan Animal Shelter. Visit the website to find your lost pet, National Animal Shelter Management System. Or visit the Wanli Animal Shelter (Address: No.92, Ln. 580, Wannian Rd., South Dist., Tainan City 702021. Tel: 06-2964439) or to Shanhua Animal Shelter (No.1-19, Dongshiliao, Shanhua Dist., Tainan City 741008. Tel: 06-5832399) during the office hours.
  2. If you find stray animals in Tainan city, you can call our animal control team(Tel: 06-2965945) to trap the animal. Or sent it to the shelter during the office hours by youself.