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Public services:
  • Handle subscription and provide distribution of vaccines for sheep pox.
  • Receive disease reports by farmers, industry groups and veterinarians.
  • Process  applications for disinfection of public areas surrounding livestock farm.
  • Provide free California Mastitis Test (CMT) for herbivore.
  • Provide antimicrobial susceptibility testing service for mastitis for herbivores.
  • Process free ear tag application for cows, goats and deer.
  • Provide livestock vaccination service 
  • Offer health examination and investigation for insurance claims for cows.
  • Take care  and conduct follow up clinical cases of livestock diagnosed.
  • Provide inspection of livestock serum antibodies and follow-up counseling.
  • Provide guidance for farm hygiene management and disinfection. 
  • Handle applications for disease surveillance for farms conducting export business. 
  • Issue livestock health certificates.
  • Conduct follow-up inspection on imported and export livestock.
  • Provide general medical counseling and measures for  disease outbreak control.
  • Hold workshops for livestock health and self-protection.
  • Provide counseling and information related to livestock epidemic prevention.
  • Prevent and manage classical swine fever and FMD.
  • Control and research important animal diseases. 
  • Provide educational trainings on the livestock biosecurity and disease prevention for farmers. 
  • Provide detection of tuberculosis & brucellosis on herbivores. 
  • Provide counseling on mastitis prevention on cows & sheep farm.
  • Conduct follow-up inspection on imported and export livestock.
  • Provide supervision on meat market.
  • Disinfect of the livestock farms and their adjacent roads. 
  • Imprint markings of vaccination on livestock.  
  • Manage farm hygiene and monitor antibodies of major infectious diseases.