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1. Anyone over 20 years old with an ID card.
2. Choose a suitable stray animal. 
  • Priority for adoption for puppies and animals goes to those that are over the duration of public announcement.
  • Reservation is required if the animal you wish to adopt is still within the duration of announcement. Related documents need to be completed within  seven days upon reservation. The reservation will be cancelled if the documents are not completed in time. 
3. Fill in the adoption application form with the presentation of a personal ID card.
4. Complete microchip implant and pet registration.
5. Get free rabies and 7 in 1 vaccination shots. Provide free medication for parasites control. 
6. Free spay/neuter.
  • For animal that is too young to be neutered, the owner can adopt now and take the pet back later for surgery after immunity vaccination. 
  • For animal that can be neutered, make an appointment for neutering surgery within seven days before adoption. 
7. Fee: free