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  1. In 2000, according to Article 62, Section 2,Local Government Act, the Office was renamed to “Tainan Animal Epidemic Prevention and Protection Office,” and 12 employees were appointed to work for the Office.
  2. In January 2001, Slaughter Hygiene service, under Tainan Department of Health, was transferred to that of Central Government, so the original five veterinarians were assigned to the office. The establishment was increased to 17 people with one additional assistant for general affairs.
  3. In 2002, 17 people were added for dog capture duty, with an additional assistant for general affairs, and three new technicians. Also, 8-12 people from Animal Control Division of Environmental Protection Bureau were transferred to support the Office.
  4. Staffing was increased to 57 people after the municipal merge on December 25th, 2010.
  5. On April 1st, 2013, staffing was increased to 82 including 25 veterinarians from 25 district offices.

Organizational structure:

Director→Deputy Director→Secretary and Technical Specialists.

The Divisions governed by the Office are:

Animal Control Team, Livestock Health Division, Poultry Health Division, Aquatic Animals Inspection Division (including Beimen Aquatic Animal Disease Control Center), Animal & Public Health Division, Animal Shelter Division (including Shanhua Animal Shelter and Wanli Animal Shelter), Animal Protection Division, Accounting, and Personnel Office.

Organization and Establishment