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Q1. How to register my pet?
  • Take your pet to Animal Registration Station (most of them are animal hospitals). 
  • Firstly, have your pet receive a health checkup.
  • Second, receive a rabies vaccination. 
  • Third, have a microchip implant.
  • Finally, finish the pet registration and get the rabies vaccination tag. 
Q2. How to get spay/neuter for your pet?
  • Go to animal hospital for sterilization/neutering.
  • Define sterilization/neutering:
The so-called spay/neuter is a surgical approach to remove the ovary and uterus for female pets and to remove testicles from male ones. This makes your pet unable to reproduce.
  • The surgery takes about 50 minutes for a female pet and 15 minutes for a male one. If there is no concern for infection, the pet can be discharged from the hospital after recovering from the anesthesia.
  • Advantages for spay/neuter surgery.
    • Dogs and cats become tamer and easier to control after the castration. Male dogs will reduce the occurrence of misbehaviors. 
    • Pet dogs and cats will no longer run away from home for mating, get injured or even get lost during the estrous cycle. This will prevent the pets from getting lost.
    • After spay/neuter surgery, pets are less likely to get venereal infectious diseases and endocrine diseases, reduce the medical expenses and extensive time of owners to care for pets.
    • It can also reduce the over-breeding issue of the stray dogs and improve the quality of living environment.
  • Precautions before surgery:
    • Fast your pet for eight hours and do not give water to your pet for four hours before the surgery. 
    • Bathe your pet before the surgery.
    • Ensure the pet is in good health condition.
    • Do health checkups, such as blood tests and heartworm testing, if necessary.
  • Surgery notice:
    • For female dogs, avoid strenuous exercise so as not to tear the wound.
    • Check the wound daily and apply iodine until the wound is healed.
    • If the wound is infected or torn, take your pet back to the hospital immediately.
Q3. What to do when I do not wish to keep the pet?
  • If you're a Tainan citizen, you can fill out the statement form to claim that “you do not intend to keep the pet” with your ID card. Bring the registration certificate of the pet if it's registered. 
  • If you're not a citizen of Tainan, you will have to pay for feed and handling fee (NT2,500). However, if the pet was adopted from our shelter in the past three months, then the above fee is not needed. 
Q4. How do you report for stray animals?
  • Report objects: Stray dogs that gathered or chased people
  • Please call the dog control team at  06-2965945.