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Animal Shelter Division

Shanhua Animal Shelter Introduction
In order to solve the problem of stray animals as well as  to respect life and protect animals, the former Tainan County Government founded the Shanhua Animal Shelter in August 2000 to dedicate to animal protection and stray dogs management. Its goal is to treat the animals in a civilized and humane way before the end of their life. In parallel, the shelter also provides stray dog adoption and education on pet keeping and animal protection. 
Shanhua Animal Shelter occupies about 54,000 square feet of land. There are three main regions: administration office, animal shelter and ecological education park. 
  1. Administration office: It includes adoption room, office, briefing room, volunteer offices, treatment center, and claim room. 
  2. Animal shelter: It includes heated room for puppies, quarantined room, temporarily isolation area, evaluation area, animal food preparation area, and change room. 
  3. Ecological education park: It consists of a butterfly ecological park, Jurassic landscape trail, garden and dragonfly breeding and restoration area, where schools and families are welcomed to visit for recreation.
Tainan City Shanhua Animal Shelter not only focuses on providing shelter for animals to solve the stray animal issue, but also adds various educational facilities to provide a place for schools and families for recreational purposes to function as one of the featured recreational parks in Tainan. 
Wanli Animal Shelter

May 1 st , 1999 Started contract of three-stage construction plan for the shelter.
June 30th, 1999 Signed a contract for 1st stage construction of Tainan Halfway Home Dogs Rescue
November 6th, 1999 Performed the contract and completed acceptance November 19th, 1999.
June 30th, 1999 Signed a contract for 2nd stage construction of Tainan Halfway Home Dogs Rescue.
January 7th, 2000 Performed the contract
January 26th, 2000 Completed acceptance..
July 1st, 2000 Assigned for stray dogs related duties.
April 25th, 2000 Signed a contract for 3rd stage construction of Tainan Halfway Home Dogs Rescue.
June 21st, 2000 Performed the contract
July 7th, 2000 Completed acceptance.
April 1st, 2000 Started operation of Shelter.
July 1st, 2000 Grand opening.
September 27th, 2000 Signed a contract for the construction of office and briefing room.
November 1st, 2000 Performed the contract.
November 17th, 2000 Completed acceptance.
December 1st, 2003 Began projects of shelter expansion. DRI: Huang Jia-jing.
December 30th, 2003 Signed a contract for the construction of fences at Tainan Halfway Home Dogs Rescue
February 10th, 2004 Performed the contract
March 1st, 2004 Completed acceptance.


  1. Administration office is used to conduct adoption related business.
  2. Quarantined room is used for temporary isolation for dog evaluation.
  3. Adoption area is used for the management and care for puppies, cats and dogs.
  4. Wild bird restoration area.
  5. Sprayed disinfection system is placed to conduct daily environmental disinfection.
  6. Basic operating room.