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District offices which can provide rabies vaccination are subjected to following conditions:
  1. Have the presence of an official veterinarian.
  2. Tainan City Animal Health Inspection and Protection Office provides rabies vaccination, certificates, rabies tags and related medical supply.
  3. Violators will be fined from NT$ 30,000 to NT$ 150,000 according to the “Statute for Prevention and Control of Infectious Animal Disease.”

Flow chart for vaccination:

Citizens take pet dogs and cats for vaccination against rabies.

1. Dogs and cats need to be over three months old.
2. Dogs and cats should receive vaccination yearly.

II. Vaccination:
1. Conduct physical checkups.
2. Inquire and take rectal temperature.
3. Vaccinate the healthy dogs and cats.
III. Fill out a certificate for rabies vaccination (Attachment 2), receipt (Attachment 3) and registration tag.
IV. Charge the fee for rabies vaccination.
1. Charge a fee (NT100 for each animal).
2. Provide receipt, certificate and tag to the pet owners.
3. The fee and receipt will be sent to the cashier (file within five days).
V. Inform the pet owners of caring tips after injection.
1. Observe in case allergy occurs.
2. Relax, rest, and supplement with nutritious food and liquid.
3. Remind the pet owners to conduct rabies vaccination yearly.

Remark: If the owner takes pet dogs and cats to a veterinary clinic which is entrusted by Tainan City Government.

The cost is NT$ 200 per shot, charged based on the fee list set by Tainan City Veterinary Association.