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Public services:


  1. Handle  animal welfare related reports.
  2. Conduct emergency rescue and treatment for animals. 
  3. Provide trap cage lending.
  4. Implant, register, search, and manage animal microchips. 
  5. Carry out rabies vaccination and authorizing execution.
  6. Examine and verify applications to sell pets, breed and fostering. 
  7. Apply and set up pet registration stations. 


  1. Implement the Animal Protection Act and related rules and regulations. 
  2. Investigate, audit and penalize violations to the Animal Protection Act.
  3. Manage and inspect pet industry. 
  4. Register and manage pets. 
  5. Prevent from the occurrence of rabies. 
  6. Monitor and inspect import dogs and cats. 
  7. Conduct emergency rescue and treatment for animals and wild animals.