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Public services: 

  • Provide consultation services on poultry disease detection, disease prevention, and medical technology.
  • Provide disinfection service for poultry farm, empty buildings and adjacent roads.
  • Handle application for imported poultry quarantine & inspection.
  • Process  registration of exporting birds and offer counseling for disease testing and prevention.
  • Handle applications for disease surveillance and issue health certificates to pet bird breeding grounds for export.
  • Provide inspection on poultry serum antibodies of major infectious diseases and follow-up counseling. 
  • Offer educational training  of poultry health and disease prevention.
  • Provide disease surveillance of avian influenza.
  • Engage in major poultry diseases control, investigation of epidemic situation, serum antibodies inspection, and counseling for farm defected with abnormal antibody of major poultry disease.
  • Issue health certificates for exported poultry and disease surveillance.
  • Monitor inspection of imported poultry
  • Provide educational training of disease prevention and control for poultry farms.
  • Provide disinfection service for swine and poultry farm, empty buildings and adjacent public areas.
  • Provide counseling for disinfection on poultry farms and poultry processing yard. 
  • Offer follow-up counseling for poultry epidemic prevention after inspection of poultry cases.
  • Collect information of domestic and international poultry diseases.