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Public services:

  • Register and issue veterinary drug sales licenses for the use of animals.
  • Register and issue veterinary drug sales licenses for the use of ornamental fish license.
  • Inspect and monitor the registered items on veterinary  drug sales  licenses for the use of animals. 
  • Provide services on  salespersons’ registration and changes of veterinary drug licenses for the use of animals. 
  • Handle installment plan and reissue of administrative fine imposed for  violation to the Veterinary Drugs Control Act. 
  • Hold promotional seminar for veterinary drug usage and prevention of drug residues. 
  • Provide counseling for veterinary drug usage. 
  • Inspect disinfection tools and closed systems of rendering raw material transport vehicles for prevention from leakage and issue related certificates. 
  • Process change and modification of certificates for rendering raw material transport vehicles.


  • Counsel and manage veterinary drug use.
  • Sample veterinary drugs in the market and inspect labels.
  • Inspect veterinary drug manufacturing site, vending locations, feed mills and farms, to prevent the illegal drug use or raw material for the use of other drugs. 
  • Audit and issue the veterinary drug sales license.
  • Register and archive  name list of  manufacturers (sellers) and salespersons of veterinary drugs and filing. 
  • Host promotional seminars of veterinary drugs usage. 
  • Sample and inspect livestock and poultry products for drug residues before selling to the market.
  • Trace residues of sulfonamides and β-agonists found in meat markets.
  • Audit, consult and investigate the businesses of which drug residues were found positive on their products.
  • Advocate preventive measures for drug residues in products of livestock and aquatic animals. 
  • Educate the livestock farm managers to correctly use veterinary drugs and prevent drug residues. 
  • Provide management plan for biosecurity of rendering plants.  
  • Inspect rendering plants for epidemic disease prevention, provide counseling, and conduct sampling tests on their products. 
  • Inspect, manage and conduct spot checks for rendering raw material transport vehicles. 
  • Review the documents claiming the sources of rendering raw material.